Men’s Mental Health

Welcome to International Men’s Health Week! This international campaign highlights Men’s Health through events and promotions - to provoke meaningful discussions and positive action. We would like to discuss men’s mental health and some conventional advice that can often be thrown around.

The Gentlemen’s Club is an uplifting and welcoming space where the men leave feeling better than when they entered. So as much as we don’t want to focus on the negative, we believe it is important to share this confronting statistic from Lifeline 75% of suicides in Australia are male*’. It is clear that men have a harder time opening up and sharing their mental health struggles.

Society has created a set of rules and ideas to turn to which can often feel clinical and uninspired. Feeling low? See a psychologist mate. Go for a walk. Call someone.

Granted, this is all great advice and can help to improve someone’s mental state. However, where we find a great deal of lack is around the context of this advice and the consideration of the individual. Let’s delve into some alternate perceptions and entertain a new narrative.

“Go see a psychologist”

Great. Which one? Where is the education around finding the right psychologist for you? Unfortunately it is rare to click with the first psychologist you are put with. Not impossible - simply rare. When you are already in a vulnerable state, this can potentially make you unhappier and become disinterested in the idea of a psychologist all together.

Consider this: Going to a psychologist can be absolutely incredible and can be a resource used for a short or long period of time. Whatever you need. It is important to remember to not be disheartened if you don’t feel ‘healed’ or click with someone immediately. Just like physical fitness; mental health requires consistent training of the mind. Another thing to consider is that a psychologist may not be for you. Which is fine!

If you’d prefer a more spiritual and personal approach then you may consider a life or wellness coach instead.

“Go for a walk”

Where and how you walk is important. Walking is a physical act that engages all of your senses.

Consider this: Ignite ALL senses.

Sight - Really take notice of your surroundings, immerse yourself into the environment you’re in. If you have access to outdoors and nature, go there.

Sound - What are you listening to? Swap out the heavy metal for a calming meditation, binaural beats, or the natural sounds around you.

Touch - Notice how your feet are connecting to the ground. Are you frustrated and stepping heavily or are you feeling light, almost dancing. Consider the surface you’re walking on. Rocky or flat. Barefoot or shoes?

Taste - Notice the quality of air that you’re tasting. If you’re at the beach, can you taste the salt air? Delicious!

Smell - We love the ocean, the smell of the sea breeze and water lapping onto the sand. The beach has a scent. Tune into it. Write about it. Draw it. Or simply do nothing besides ‘be’.

This list may sound like a lot of things to consider however all of these aspects flow naturally to you when you become present. It takes practice and perseverance and the walk doesn’t have to be long. A one minute walk can change your state. Try to not limit yourself with excuses such a ‘time’.

“Call someone”

This is a reminder to consider who you are investing your time in and WHO you call. Calling someone who disregards your emotions or mental wellbeing is going to make you feel even more misunderstood. In times of need, who is it who uplifts you? Who ‘gets’ you?

Consider this: If you don’t have someone who comes to top of mind, consider joining the next intake of TGC. You’d be surprised how many other men feel the same way. If you have been friends with someone for years and still do not feel comfortable expressing how you are feeling with them, perhaps it is time to ask yourself why?

Calling a family member, friend or mentor in a time of need can get you out of your own head and remind you how epic you are. There is greatness that resides within any human however a lot of people are unsure how to capture and express this.

We are here to help men find their purpose. We provide the support and guidance needed to integrate the men’s personal mission and goals into their reality.

This week is an important opportunity to promote and support the health and wellbeing of men and boys in our communities. To find out more about how you can improve your mental and physical health through The Gentlemen’s Club, contact us today.