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The Journey Begins: 4 Week Program

Releasing 16/06/2022

This online program is an introduction to starting your self-development journey and getting clear on your WHY, your purpose, and the goals you want to achieve. We believe this all starts with instilling structure and routine in our daily lives to create ease, joy and new possibilities - exactly what we will help you do throughout this program.

During the 4 weeks of video content, we will introduce you to modalities that have not only helped our TGC Men but changed all of our lives for the better. These easy but effective techniques have had profound effects on many lives, which is why we want to share this with you. If you're reading this, then you are here for a reason and we hope to help you create more abundance and freedom in your life and unlock your full potential.

This program is suitable for all Men & Women aged 18+ 

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