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The best version of you, is the best version for the world.

Our Six Month Immersive Program is designed to give you that exact opportunity. To take responsibility. To make a change.

You do not have to be experiencing a breakdown to want to change your life. Perhaps you feel like everything is okay, however you know that you want something more...

You will discover new things about who you are and remove blockages you may have been experiencing. This program will have you stepping into your highest potential and accepting the abundance you are worthy of having.


  • A range of workshops hosted by Mitch and Josh as well as guest facilitators who are experts in their fields; on all things health and well-being, goal-setting, self discovery, mindset, relationships, finances, movement, nutrition and more

  • You will be guided to uncover your personal clear set of goals for you to live out your fullest potential and how to achieve this

  • Accountability is a large part of this program and you will have a group of like minded men and mentors helping you to show up for yourself consistently

  • Gym membership at Exalto as movement is medicine; building strength, mobility and endurance in your body will assist other aspects of your life too 

  • Commitment therapies to help you connect more deeply to your body such as breathwork and ice baths

  • Lessons on how to build resilience and problem solve through modalities such as Brazilian Ju Jitsu and mindfulness activities

  • The opportunity to talk about and receive support around any area of your life you may be having trouble navigating

  • A customised T.G.C journal to assist with documenting your achievements, goals and daily tasks

  • The program finishes with a three day survival camp


“I am a commitment-phobe...six months is a long time.” In response to anyone thinking this, yeah it’s kind of a long time. Longer than a ‘30 days to change your life course’ and this is for a good reason. If you’re honest with yourself, it could take you 30 days to even clarify your goals and values.

It is easy to say you are going to change your life in six months, however without any routine or processes around this, it quite often remains an empty promise to yourself. We felt this too which is why we created The Gentlemen’s Club. We now have a solution for those men who have been craving that support and structure to ACTUALLY make a change.


TGC Program = $4800

$1000 deposit to secure your spot

Do you feel TGC is a fit for you, but the cost seems overwhelming? don't stress, we have you covered. TGC offers tailored payment plans. 

Please note:

- Spots are limited.

- FIFO Options available

- A prerequisite for the TGC immersive is a 6-month membership to Exalto Holistic Hub. Done directly through Exalto.*

- If we haven’t spoken already, click apply now to fill out an application form, we will then contact you to lock in a complimentary discovery call and see whether T.G.C is a fit for you.

- If we’ve spoken and you feel TGC is a fit for you, jump on to secure your spot for our next intake. 

We look forward to seeing you soon!

All the love,

M & J